Contagious Passion

7/19/2018 in Category Campus Life

When you’re excited about something you talk about it, you share it with others, and you want others to experience it. I love seeing our volunteer ministry leaders becoming so invested that... More

First Steps

7/12/2018 in Category Campus Life [M] Blog

People sometimes wonder why fun events and activities matter in youth ministry. Recently, our middle school staff took a group of students to go ice skating. The kids had a blast, but more... More

The Talking Cross

7/5/2018 in Category Campus Life

At Hanover Central, we have a weekly meeting over the summer we call, "Hot Topics", where we discuss relevant things in our culture and allow students to voice their thoughts and opinions.... More

Finishing Well

6/27/2018 in Category Campus Life

This past week I had the opportunity to bring 11 students from Stevenson High School to my parent’s home in Pine Island, Minnesota. This trip was a great way to end the school year, and for... More

Coasters, Carousels, and Ice Cream

6/21/2018 in Category

A day trip to Six Flags may sound like just a fun event, but it is so much more!  It is time to relationally invest in our students.  We get to have intentional time to continue getting to... More