Stories Around The Campfire

8/2/2018 in Category City Life Blog, JJM Blog

Last week, seven students returned from our annual JJM and City Life backpacking trip. The trip was filled with hiking, swimming, and sharing stories. The students had a great time swimming... More

Peace Like Never Before

7/25/2018 in Category Campus Life

Matt* started coming to Campus Life towards the end of the school year when a friend invited him to check it out. He hasn’t always been easily accepted and befriended, but he found a place to... More

Contagious Passion

7/19/2018 in Category Campus Life

When you’re excited about something you talk about it, you share it with others, and you want others to experience it. I love seeing our volunteer ministry leaders becoming so invested that... More

First Steps

7/12/2018 in Category Campus Life [M] Blog

People sometimes wonder why fun events and activities matter in youth ministry. Recently, our middle school staff took a group of students to go ice skating. The kids had a blast, but more... More

The Talking Cross

7/5/2018 in Category Campus Life

At Hanover Central, we have a weekly meeting over the summer we call, "Hot Topics", where we discuss relevant things in our culture and allow students to voice their thoughts and opinions.... More