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Does God Really Exist?

5/31/2013 in Category

"Alex" has chosen to take a non-committal stance towards God. He has embraced homosexuality and, because of tragedies like the Boston bombing, doubts the possibility of a good God. Despite... More

Sharing the Story

5/9/2013 in Category Campus Life

It has been so exciting to see Jeremy, a brand new Campus Life leader, dive right into ministry.  He has been such a great part of our team as we have started up a new club.  With a heart... More

Liz’s Story

5/7/2013 in Category


5/3/2013 in Category Campus Life

In the position I am in, I have the privilege of watching God work amazing stories of redemption in other people's lives. The cool thing about it is that God doesn't stop there. This week... More