Archives: August 2013

Making Change

8/30/2013 in Category

Principals have a rare opportunity to pass life’s lessons to the next generation. Especially when it comes to matters of faith. But God has given Kankakee High School’s new Principal,... More

God is on the move

8/23/2013 in Category Campus Life, Campus Life [M] Blog

The beginning of a new school year always brings butterflies to my stomach. It's that feeling you get as you are "on deck" to bat at a baseball game or just about to put your life in the... More

Will God really give us wisdom?

8/16/2013 in Category JJM Blog

Recently, a number of young men have been working through the New Testament book of James.   In a small-group study at the Cook County Sherriff’s Boot Camp (an alternate sentencing... More

Shattered Dreams

8/9/2013 in Category

So much of the work our students and leaders do in Youth for Christ ministry is about the journey.  The moments when you laugh together, cry together and seek Jesus... More

Are you willing to lay it all down for Christ?

8/2/2013 in Category

It was briefly after breakfast when 18 students sat eagerly waiting to depart for Chicago and a full day of fun and laughter. Most of them were excited by just hearing the word, Chicago.... More