Archives: September 2013

Unexpected Surprises

9/26/2013 in Category Campus Life

Sometimes kids surprise us.  When they go out of their way to do something kind.  When they show up out of the blue and jump right into [Campus Life] Club.  But it is when Jesus has... More

Silent Prayers

9/20/2013 in Category

“As I was growing up, my grandma attended the Church of Scientology and I was made to attend as well. I was always so confused because I was not raised with that belief. Since she had... More

Identity in Christ

9/13/2013 in Category Campus Life, City Life Blog

"As I have walked alongside a student for over a year now, she has been through her fair share of challenges and circumstances.  She has been searching for where to place her identity... More

Chasing Sunsets

9/6/2013 in Category

Saturday night was a night I didn’t expect to be chasing sunsets.  After an impromptu dinner with a few students, we were itching to do something fun.  So we jumped in the car and set... More