Archives: January 2015

Looking for Life

1/28/2015 in Category

During his time in Campus Life Jake* asked insightful questions, respectfully listened to the presentations of the Gospel, and at times expressed an interest in giving his life to Christ.... More

Open Doors

1/21/2015 in Category

A month ago as we shared the Gospel at Campus Life and received some very negative responses from a number of our students. This wasn’t a new or surprising reaction. 1 Corinthians 1 tells... More

Core Vision

1/14/2015 in Category

If you’ve seen some of the recent news and statistics out there about the state of our nation's youth, too often our society expects the worst of them. However, take a step back and observe... More

18 Reasons to Join YFC at the Desert Golf Classic - The Back 9

1/13/2015 in Category Desert Golf Classic

As if the golf itself wasn’t enough, we’ve come up with 18 reasons you want to be along to experience YFC’s Desert Golf Classic.  Here is The Back 9:

#10 - Renewal – Morning Devotions

Anchored to the Rock

1/8/2015 in Category

The New Year always seems to bring an exciting time around the world. New resolutions. New commitments. New pages on a calendar. New opportunities. We are now in a time of the year where no... More