Archives: February 2015

Entering the Mess

2/26/2015 in Category

Entering the mess is a big part of what we do as leaders within Youth for Christ. Just as Jesus spent time with the tax collectors, prostitutes, and Samaritans we spend time with kids who... More

Completely Worth It

2/19/2015 in Category

Perhaps nothing embodies the experience of a youth ministry staff or volunteer more than the infamous overnight lock-in. This Friday night, our adult leaders will join 200 students for a... More

True Love

2/12/2015 in Category

Peer pressure is a big part of students' lives. On a daily basis, middle and high school students face peer pressure to drink, do drugs, have sex, dress a certain way, lie, cheat, steal,... More

Training Leaders, Changing Lives

2/5/2015 in Category

It was a powerful scene. 230 people of all different ages and backgrounds, from different communities and cultures, all gathered together in one place. Some traveled hours to be there, and... More