Archives: March 2015

Why We Exist

3/31/2015 in Category

Stories like Jen’s* are the reason we get to celebrate Easter every week here at YFC. Stories like Jen’s are the reason our organization exists.

What is YFC’s mission? Stated simply, our... More

I Want to Believe

3/25/2015 in Category

"I want to believe."

After Campus Life, Jon* approached a leader and spoke those words with a somber look and a sense of desperation. Jon shared how he's been coming to Campus Life for... More

Now I Have Hope

3/19/2015 in Category

Over the next two weeks, nearly 200 students and leaders from YFC Chicago will be leaving for our Spring Break trips to Florida. Through small group discussion, large group teaching and... More

Expanding Our Reach

3/6/2015 in Category

The focus of Youth for Christ is of course youth! So when the our Juvenile Justice team is at the Cook Co. Sheriff’s Boot Camp, which has men from 17 to 34 years of age, our primary focus... More