Archives: May 2015

This Journey Is Just Beginning

5/26/2015 in Category

Over the last few weeks, I have gotten to know a student by the name of Adam* fairly well. He has been a dedicated attender for the majority of a semester now but because of his reserved... More

Honest Answers

5/21/2015 in Category

Often we find that students are able to express themselves more freely through pen and paper. So recently at a weekly club, we asked students to fill out a card indicating where they were... More

Seeing Through to the Other Side

5/14/2015 in Category

I met with a student this week who has had an extremely difficult home life, and amidst the dissolution of his family he has nearly hit rock bottom. We have been journeying with *Brian for... More

Mission In Motion

5/7/2015 in Category

"I have not wanted to believe in God for years, but what I have seen as I have been with you is finally making me open to God again."

This quote is from one of our students in YFC, and... More