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From life to Life

10/30/2015 in Category

I walked into the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center in early August, into the "pod", and met *Mike. He had gang tattoos all over his face and was facing a sentence of 30 years to life.... More

She Came Back!

10/20/2015 in Category

Leading kids is a calling, and the more one thinks about it, it's an intimidating calling. Some respond lightly to the call because they're drawn to games and a fun social ministry with... More

0 to 400

10/16/2015 in Category

Brian* is a student who until recently hasn't felt like he had that many friends. In fact, the guys he grew up with in grade school abandoned him in middle school. While he's a nice enough... More

Family = Chaos

10/9/2015 in Category

As we sat in a circle and discussed what family meant to us, joyful and holy were not words used very often. Many talked about the brokenness and lack of trust they have for their siblings... More

In Just the Past Week…

10/2/2015 in Category

  • 65 students attended the Bradley Central Pre-Kickoff
  • 55 students attended the Chesterton Kickoff
  • 40 students attended the Clifton High School Kickoff
  • 50 students attended the... More