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Coming Together

11/23/2015 in Category

The Campus Life Teen Center in Arlington Heights has a dedicated, regular bunch of unique students who love their Wednesday afternoons at the drop-in. They are a somewhat quirky  and... More

In Tandem

11/20/2015 in Category

A student I met at a swim meet last year happened to be the top swimmer in her school, and we connected quickly because I also swam in high school. One of our CORE students who had been... More

Cutting Through the Barriers

11/13/2015 in Category

One of the clearest pictures of the work of Youth for Christ would be the account of the paralytic's friends who brought him to Christ. There were plenty of reasons their mission would be a... More

Better Together

11/6/2015 in Category

In John 17, we are given an incredible glimpse of a lengthy prayer of Jesus. In it he prays that believers would be unified. He prays that we would be one as He and the Father are one so... More