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Happy Holidays?

12/29/2015 in Category

Christmas break can be a time filled with joy, laughter, and family parties.  For some students though it is filled with a lonely house, or a full house that feels lonely. 

A couple of... More

Twice Adopted

12/18/2015 in Category

*Raphael’s mom passed away this year. His father, who he had never met, passed away last year. This left him alone with his two older brothers, who were both trouble.

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BASH 2015….Part 2

12/10/2015 in Category

Hailey* opened up in small group time during BASH last weekend. She is struggling with believing or understanding how we know what is in the Bible is true. She is struggling because she... More

BASH 2015…. Part 1

12/2/2015 in Category

Hailey* started coming to Campus Life 3 years ago.  She has gone on a few trips with us over the past few years, and continues to come to club.  Sometimes we ask ourselves, why does she... More