Archives: January 2016

A Refuge

1/29/2016 in Category

Tragedy hit Kankakee before Christmas in a house fire that claimed the life of a seven year old girl.  Robert, who is in his early 20's, was in the house that night.  Robert was also... More


1/22/2016 in Category

Hard night at Campus Life last night, hearing stories from kids before, during and after our club meeting on substance use/abuse...

- "I was locked in my room and starved as a kid"
-... More

Dark and Disturbing

1/15/2016 in Category

A leader came and told me how sad she was about *Rebecca. Rebecca came to her and, with excitement, explained how she had just been promoted in the gang she is in. While she told her mentor... More

Her Father’s Eyes

1/7/2016 in Category

One of our 8th grade students, *Brittani, has spent the last 2-3 weeks rehearsing for the main part in the Lifehouse skit. The skit turned out amazing!!

They performed it with others from... More