Archives: February 2016

No More Dirty Looks

2/24/2016 in Category

So I have been working with this 17 yr old kid in Juvenile Detention Center who is a Latin King. We have been seeing him for about 4 months and he gave his life to Christ.

Recently he had... More

Major Change

2/22/2016 in Category

One of our leaders, Taylor, who has been volunteering for a short amount of time with us, had a complete career change due to her experience as a cabin leader for our girls. Here is the... More

Even When We’re Oblivious

2/11/2016 in Category

Only a few weeks into my new role as Campus Life Director, we had an area-wide lock-in. Surprisingly, 16 kids showed up from my school even though I'd only had a couple of weeks to promote... More

“I Hate You”

2/4/2016 in Category

Recently, while visiting the lunchroom at school, I was talking to a student when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw *Brian.

"Guess What?" He said to me with a... More