Archives: March 2016

When Someone Finally Listens

3/31/2016 in Category

“Before I came on this trip, I didn’t believe that there was a God.  I was closed-minded and angry.  But, because of the people on this trip, I know that God exists and that he loves... More

Lights on a Dark Beach

3/28/2016 in Category

Every year we take hundreds of students on a spring break trip to Florida. This year almost 250 students are attending one of the two weeks! Our focus on this trip (and all of our trips) is... More

A Refuge in the Storm

3/18/2016 in Category

One of our students, Tristan*, has recently found a refuge in our Thursday night Campus Life club. Tristan very recently lost his mother to cancer, and six of his Campus Life leaders came... More

Resurrection Hope

3/11/2016 in Category

At no other time of year is banter about the resurrection greater than during the Lenten season.

Our YFC ministry schedule is heavily weighted this time of year, with trips and retreats... More

100 Dozen Donuts

3/7/2016 in Category

Megan* attended Camus Life spring break last year.  She worked hard selling Krispy Kremes and doing work projects to raise enough money to attend the trip.  She and her sister have sold... More