Archives: May 2016

Kill or Be Killed

5/27/2016 in Category

Patrick* grew up in the Woodlawn neighborhood in Chicago and at a very early age realized that he was unwanted. Unwanted by his father, who was never involved in his life, and unwanted by... More

Clearly Lost, Now Found

5/20/2016 in Category

My first time meeting Eddie* was talking with him on his friend’s cell phone.  He had threatened to commit suicide and she hadn’t been able to contact him for a few hours at the point I... More

My Friends are Getting Shot

5/13/2016 in Category

Tremaine, a junior, had a gun drawn to his face last year in a park near his home. God used that event to get his attention. It showed him that he needed to stay away from the drama causing... More

Neither Wind Nor Rain…

5/9/2016 in Category

As I biked 25 miles on Saturday through the rain, strong winds, and hills I began to complain in my mind, but then I realized this was another opportunity to rely on the Lord and ask for... More