Archives: September 2016

With Hands Raised in Surrender

9/23/2016 in Category

One of our leaders was at church Sunday in tears watching a Campus Life student who 2 years ago would have said she didn’t want anything to do with God, that she was mad at Him, and that she... More

Free Dinner?

9/16/2016 in Category

What happens when you offer teenage boys free dinner?  They take you up on the deal!  Our Campus Life director rallied the loyal students at our pre-kick off and got them excited about our... More

There’s a Bear!

9/9/2016 in Category

The thunder over Lake Superior caused us to hurry toward our campsite in Porcupine Mountain State Park, filled with fantastic scenery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Several park rangers... More

We Lost Another One

9/2/2016 in Category

Youth ministry is tough. Along the journey it's inevitable that kids are going to move, change schools, get heavily involved in sports, or just stop coming. Among the worst ways is to find... More